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Netac's Smash Hit: N580N Solid State Drive, Tiny But Huge Performance


After N5N, Netac released its newest solid state Drive with M.2 interface which is more suitable than mSATA for solid-state storage applications. N580N is perfect for M.2 devices which support SATA protocol because of its more flexible physical specification. 


Embedded design without case which is as thin as 3.65mm, N580N has attracted a most attention from domestic and overseas customers. There are no mechanical components makes it completely noise-free operation, environmental protection and energy saving.


Besides, N580N equipped with multiple intellectualized detail designs: Process idle data, improve read and write performance; wear-Leveling technology delivers longer lifer span; monitor, analyze and report physical condition of disk; intelligent error correction, better durability.


The capacities of Netac N580N are available on 120G and 240G which are quite enough for one to fresh the computer system.

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