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Notification of changing the shell of Netac SSD N500S and N600S with partial capacity


Dear partners,

Hello! Thank you for your long-time support to Netac and its products.

In order to coordinate with the adjustment of the company's strategic planning and improve the texture and aesthetics of SSD products, Netac has decided to upgrade and change the shell of N500S and N600S with partial capacity. The details are as follows:


This product shell change is only limited to the model capacity shown in the above table. The products with other capacity of the same model remain the same. Shell changes will be introduced to the market in the form of gradual replacement, so during the transition period, it is not excluded that the same model and capacity products on the market will have the coexistence of old and new shells. During the transition period, only the shell of the product will change, and the specifications of the product will remain unchanged. Please feel free to purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding. Thank you again for your cooperation in this product shell change. I hope you can continue to support the company and its products. We will continue to be committed to research and development and production of more outstanding products, to provide you with better service.

Netac Technology Co., Ltd.

July 18, 2019